Biography for Amy Lawson

Amy, 26, has lived in Holmfirth all her life, and having two parents who are very passionate about animals, Amy is no stranger to having a house full of pets. After attending Holmfirth High School and Greenhead College, Amy started working at Donaldsons Vets as an auxiliary nurse. Keen to learn more, Amy progressed to become a trainee Veterinary Nurse and in 2008 qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse. Not content spending all day with the animals at work, Amy has also developed a passion for rescuing them too, and currently has two dogs, four cats and five horses- as you can imagine there is not much space left in the living room!

Amy now spends her working days as a rehabilitation nurse in the Animal Rehab Centre. She loves seeing the difference the rehabilitation centre makes to the quality of the animals’ lives and is excited about developing her skills and knowledge in this area. Amy already holds an ABC-accredited canine hydrotherapy qualification, and runs the fun and fitness swimming programs at ARC as well as carrying out ultrasound and targeted therapeutic exercise sessions, massage and TENS treatments as part of patients’ individual customised rehabilitation plans. Amy also manages water quality in the swimming pool and underwater treadmill with regular photometric testing several times per day to achieve excellent balance for patient and owner safety and comfort.