Rhona WarnockBiography for Rhona Warnock

Arriving in Yorkshire from Kilwinning in Ayrshire as a young child, Rhona spent several years learning the local dialect (still a long way from perfect!) at school in Huddersfield and Bradford before returning north of the border for her university studies. After five years in Glasgow and having qualified with honours, she returned to Huddersfield and to Donaldsons Vets as an assistant veterinary surgeon- the next step in a long association with the practice that started as a voluntary evening helper when she was just 14!

After several years in a truly versatile role within this big mixed practice treating all creatures great and small, Rhona became a partner in 2003. Concentrating more on small animal medicine, Rhona became increasingly interested in rehabilitation and sports medicine through her experiences with her own young pup who suffers from hip dysplasia, and quickly realised that this relatively new and less well known area of veterinary medicine needed to be available to many, many more animals. Her determination to bring the best facilities and expertise to the patients who need it is a very personal mission and at the root of the Animal Rehabilitation Centre’s development.

Rhona spent several years training and studying in the UK and in Spain prior to qualifying as a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner through world leaders the University of Tennessee, and passed her exams in 2009 with the highest mark awarded at the European sitting and the first perfect score in the European practical exam.

When not in the ARC, Rhona can often be found climbing hill and dale with husband Nick and dogs Corran and Grier, or holding the cat flap open for her landlords, cats Crumble and Charlie. She also enjoys keeping her human medical counterparts busy collecting unusual sporting injuries through her ability to fall over impressively in almost any sport, particularly taekwondo, (at which she is a black belt and instructor), judo, and skiing.