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Biography for Clair Batley

Clair grew up in the village of Clayton West. While attending Scissett Middle School in the early eighties, Clair’s first interest in working with animals was sparked by helping out to run the school’s ‘Animal House’. This interest later led to Clair becoming a voluntary Saturday morning helper at Donaldson’s Vets, Maple Street in 1987. Once she had finished her GCSE exams, Clair was pleased to be employed as Donaldson’s Vets third ever trainee veterinary nurse. Ironically, while Clair was undertaking her training, Rhona Warnock, the director of the ARC, was a voluntary helper too at Maple Street on Clair’s evening shift. How the tables have turned in just over twenty years!

Clair qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in January 1993. She remained a full time member of the nursing team until the arrival of her first son, Calum in June 1997. Clair then returned after her maternity leave as a part time nurse and became involved with nurse training. A lot of the nurses that Clair helped to train still work throughout the Donaldson’s Vets surgeries today! During this time period, she also worked as a part time lecturer at the Huddersfield Technical College for eighteen months but this extra career experience had to come to an end with the arrival of her second son, Ewan in April 2000.

After working at Donaldson’s Vets for twenty years, Clair got itchy career feet and wanted to venture out into the big, wide veterinary world. So, in May 2009, she went to work for a local veterinary orthopaedics referral centre as a designated night nurse. She found this experience very rewarding and gained lots of new skills. This work also introduced Clair to some basic rehabilitation skills which she was able to perform with some of the orthopaedic patients she was nursing.

Once Clair had worked the night shifts for two years she decided that she missed the day to day contact with clients and their pets and moved back to a day job with a veterinary practice in Halifax. This position would only last a short while because in December 2011, Clair was asked if she would like to return to Donaldson’s Vets and work at the Birchencliffe surgery.

Clair returned to Donaldson’s Vets, Maple Street in January 2012 and in June, she moved to Birchencliffe as acting senior nurse. She has now jumped at the chance of joining the ARC team and is really looking forward to working with Rhona, Amy, Emma and of course all the ARC patients.

When Clair is not nursing she has been known to be a percussionist in a local brass band. Nowadays though, she spends most of her free time supporting her sons, along with her husband Graham, at football matches, swimming club, youth brass banding……….the list goes on! Clair also manages to find time for her pet dog “Minnie” the rescued whippet and “Auntie Phyllis” the elderly diabetic cat.