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Doggy dash for life 2014

Rhona and Corran finish the doggy dashCalling all our canine friends- could you join us at the 2014 Doggy Dash for Life and raise money for Cancer Research UK?

It’s a great day out- you get to walk, jog or dash round Hollingworth Lake with your human, and receive a doggy goody bag too! Your human just needs to fill in the application form and get friends to sponsor you (as well as doing a little bit of training to avoid embarrassing you, of course…..)

See you there!

Doggy Dash application 2014

Sponsor form 2014 Doggy Dash For Life webhosting info .

Ruby is back on track!

This is Ruby, the most recently inducted member of our Hall of Fame.

Ruby suffered a nasty injury four months ago where she damaged her stifle (knee) badly, including dislocating her patella or kneecap. She needed a major operation to repair the joint and her home veterinary practice then referred her to ARC to make sure she got the rehab she needed to get back to her very best.

Young, slim and athletic, Ruby was keen to get stuck in and was a model patient, while her owners worked hard at home as well as attending her underwater treadmill training sessions. We were able to guide Ruby through a progressive programme to optimise her recovery.

We are proud to say she has been signed off this week and is back to full activity with her doggy buddies. It’s hard work being a speed merchant you know…… best have a nap 😉