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Fun for all at the ARC Open Day


Sunday turned out a scorcher after all- perfect bouncy castle weather! We had fun welcoming visitors old and young, human and canine to our Open Day. There were fabulous cupcakes on hand to refuel the neurons after touring the rehab displays and demos as well as games of luck and of budding  veterinary skill. Several humans as well as dogs tried their hand on our agility course, while the fabulous face painters made it hard to tell which were which at times! We had a great day and we hope you did too, and best of all we raised some money for the Cinnamon Trust and the Guide Dogs Association.

‘So, what sort of problems do you treat then?’

golden retrieverIt’s a question we’re asked almost every day. Veterinary rehabilitation is a relatively new field, and many of the pet owners we talk to haven’t heard about it before. The answer could be pages long- there are all sorts of injuries, orthopaedic conditions, neurological problems, fitness and flexibility issues, weight management and post-illness reconditioning needs that pets can suffer from, to mention just a few. So, we’ve decided to add a few case studies to our website to give people an insight into what we do every day. We’re setting the ball rolling with Sophie’s story, since her particular problem (torn cruciate ligaments) is one the scenarios we regularly see.